Get repairers for side mirror replacement.

Our 6 Step protocol makes sure you get verified repairers  for side mirror replacement.

Step 1: Qualification Vetting

The first thing we do at Car Side Mirrors is to validate the required certificates, licenses and qualifications of repairers. Each state has different requirement qualifications. For instance, In New South Wales (NSW), our repairers are qualified according to the standards set by the Motor Vehicle Repair Industry Authority (MVRIA). By reviewing their Motor Vehicle Repairers Licence number (MVRL), we will be able to investigate any historical claims and complaints lodged against their license, account for their recognised industry qualifications, and determine their registered residency and their TFN. All of our NSW car side mirror repairers are required to obtain Fair Trading Qualifications like the Motor Vehicle Tradesperson Certificates (MVTCs).

Step 2: Customer Service endorsements

Car side Mirror repairers have wonderful reputations that they have built up from years of quick high-quality workmanship and excellent. We conduct background checks from referees on previous work done. We have one-on-one follow ups with the customers they have worked for and only hire the repairers who have positive feedback on service excellence. All endorsements must be offered by real customers with proven receipts.

Step 3: Repair Guarantees and Warranties.

Our car side mirror repairers are professionally trained to ensure that their work has a 100% money back guarantee if unsatisfied. The repairers all the tools and equipment to assist them in all complex repairs. We are keen to protect our reputation and stand by our quality of work and therefore we offer an unlimited warranty on all our repairs. We will either re-do the side mirror repair for free or offer a full refund.

Step 4: Inter-personal Assessment.

All our car side mirror repairers are interviewed thoroughly. We assess every single detail of our repairers. This is the core step of our validation process. We take note of all their inter-personal skills and their capacity to create good customer relationships. Our mission is to ensure each customer has a safe, quality, trustworthy and reliable service experience. By holding extensive interviews we can vouch that our side mirror repairers are approachable and friendly so customers feel comfortable working with them, in particular women, or people who may have been treated unfairly or had poor experiences in the past.

Step 5: Repair work Quality assessments.

Repairers undergo numerous work scenario tests where they are given practical broken side mirror problems that they have to fix. When they pass all tests we then hand them their first few customers for them to work in the field. We monitor and record all customer feedback in real time and qualify the repairer according to completion times and customer service.

Step 6: Approved and verified repairers.

After multiple initial positive feedback from our customers, the side mirror repairers are officially verified and fully hired as a Car Side Mirrors repairer.  We take heed of each and every customer review and we rely on customer feedback to regulate our repair protocols, the objective is to make sure all repairers can complete fixings to a high customer satisfaction. All fixed mirrors should look and work as if the car just left the show room. All repairers who continuously and deliberately have poor customer ratings will be immediately removed from our service. This ensures all our repairers have an impeccable track record


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Choosing a side mirror repairer you can trust to do the job quickly and correctly is a headache. You do not need to look for a repairer from someone who has had their side mirrors fixed, this is stressful and it will take time. The best side mirror repair service is

Our quality assurance guarantees that all side mirror repairs will be completed on time and stress free. We hand pick and verify all repairers on our trusted network. You just have to upload photos of your damaged car side mirror and describe to us the extent of the damage that needs repair. We reply in 3 seconds max and once we have booked you for fixing, we will send out our closest repairer to you. The repair will fix your side mirror in less than 30 minutes