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Car Side Mirrors

We’ve got you covered!! and we mean it.

Fixing side mirrors is expensive, time consuming and unreliable.  Car owner’ worst fear is breaking one side mirror part as they usually have to pay the price of two side mirrors instead of fixing the one single broken part. Imagine having to pay for two side mirrors after breaking only the mirror on the left hand side? We fix this by being able to pay attention to what exactly needs fixing and not burdening car owners with unnecessary fixing costs. We fix any single component of a side mirror; from the case, to the mirror, to the reflector, motor and wiring. We do in house calls making us the most efficient repairmen when it comes to getting your side-mirror fixed wherever you are.

Our Process

Our process is designed for maximum simplicity and convenience for our customers

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Quote Request and Approval

Customers can request a repair quote online or via SMS, and upon receiving their request, we promptly provide an instant quote, which customers can approve if they are satisfied.

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Booking and scheduling

We schedule a convenient time for a mobile visit, during which we will confirm day of service where Schedules are done day before sometime after 5pm and send email or SMS confirmation

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Repair at Your Location

Our dedicated technicians personally performs the repair at the location of your choice, be it your home, office, or any place that suits you best

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Payment and Job Completion

Customers make the payment, and once it's received, we confirm job completion and ensure you're satisfied