The driver and passenger sides of a vehicle each have their side mirrors. Aftermarket side mirrors reflect the rear, side, and bottom of the car; it enables the driver to see the rear view directly; it can be helped the driver to clear enough to see the car around and the road situation; it acts as a “second eye” for the driver, expanding the range of the driver’s vision; and it can be helped the driver to clear enough to see the car around and the road situation.


As a result, the driver is in a position to use discretion, particularly when passing another vehicle or parking. Due to the different installation positions, the rearview mirror can be broken down into an external rearview mirror, a lower rearview mirror, and an inside rearview mirror. In terms of functionality, the rearview mirror on the car reflects the area behind the vehicle. Due to the variety of purposes, the construction of the mirror will also vary.

A convex mirror, also known as a spherical mirror, has a radius of curvature that varies in size. The image produced by a convex mirror is smaller than what is seen in the mirror itself, but the field of view is significantly larger. Convex mirrors are frequently used for external mirrors and rearview mirrors.


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Let’s look at some of the popular brands with side view mirrors and some of their models.

  • There are a few different designs of KIA side mirrors to choose from. Models such as the Picanto, Sportage, Pride, Ford Festiva, Rio, Carens, Cerato, and Spectra are equipped with wing mirrors. Other options are also available.
  • Side mirrors for Toyota automobiles, such as those seen on the Corolla, Yaris, Hiace, and Hilux, as well as the Rav4.
  • A collection of Daewoo and Chevrolet side view mirrors may be found here. Car models include Aveo / Lova, Lanos, Spark, Cruze, Nubira / Lacetti, and many more.
  • A line of side mirrors and wing mirrors manufactured by Hyundai are compatible with the Accent, Getz, Sonata, Elantra, i20, i30, i40 and many other models of the company’s automobiles.
  • Isuzu is responsible for producing a wide variety of side mirrors and truck mirrors. Isuzu’s LUV, Trooper, D-Max, Truck Bus, and FTR, among other models, all come equipped with wing mirrors.
  • There is a selection of side mirrors available for Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Our Mercedes wing mirrors are available for many models, including the W-124, W-123, Benz Truck, 0303, and SLK series, amongst many others.
  • Volkswagen side mirror automobile models: Amarok, Transporter, Beetle, Scirocco, Passat/Golf, Safari Mini Bus, etc.
  • A large number of manufacturers produce Peugeot side mirrors. Models of Peugeot such as the 504, 404, 106, 307, 306, 406, and many more are included in our selection of wing mirrors for Peugeot.
  • A wide range of Mazda side mirrors is available for purchase, including models such as the CX5, CX3, CX9, Mazda2, Mazda3, B1800, B2000, B2500, BT50, MAXI E2000, and BONGO E1800.
  • A few distinct varieties of side mirrors and wing mirrors are manufactured by Mitsubishi. Car models include Canter, Fuso, L200, L300, is200, is350 etc.
  • There is a selection of side view mirrors available for Honda vehicles. Models such as the City Series, Civic Series, Accord Series, CRV, Jazz/Fit, and others are all available with wing mirrors from Honda.