Replacing Car Side Mirror glass : A Step-By-Step Guide To Replacing your broken side mirror glass

20 Minutes Side Mirror Replacement For Your Car

Car side mirrors are an important part of a vehicle and are required by law. They help drivers see better in front and on the sides of the vehicle. The mirrors allow drivers to see everything around them, so they can drive more safely on the road. A defective car side mirror can direct the light forwards or sideways, which causes difficulty when driving at night or during bad weather. A broken side mirror is an inconvenience to every driver. Those who have experienced such a situation know just how stressful and time-consuming it is. If this has happened to you, read on. We have put together a step-by-step guide for replacing your broken side mirror. We’ll go through everything from the tools you will need to the steps required for finishing the entire procedure.



Broken Side mirror glass


 Step 1

Looking for car side mirror replacement near you? Then book your side mirror glass replacement with Despite what other expensive mechanics say, you do NOT have to replace the entire rear view mirror unit just because the glass is broken. Our stock of genuine glass mirrors acquired from our 15 year experience in vehicle assembly supply will fit all the most common vehicle makes and models

Step 2

Our vetted Repairers near you will replace your broken side mirror in a few minutes. Your side mirror will be replaced by starting with removing all the broken mirror fragments using protective leather gloves and goggles. They’ll either leave or remove the adhesive in place depending on extent of damage the side mirror repair then wipe clean the plastic mirror base.

Step 3

The repairer will apply sealant to the new side view mirror. All standard side mirror glasses have adhesive strips. These strips are not enough to replace your side mirror glass. Our repairer will apply a sufficient amount of sealant along the edges of the plastic mirror retainer. Whenever necessary our repairer will add the sealant on the rugged portion of the plastic base avoiding regions where the adhesive pads on the side mirror glass will contact the plastic base. The goal is to make sure pads are attached to the plastic base to hold the new side mirror glass in place while the sealant sets up. While we wait for the sealant to cure after applying the mirror to the base we will use masking tape to hold the mirror in place.

Step 4

car side mirror replacement
broken side mirrror glass replaced

After curing, our repairer will remove the tape, and just like magic, in those few minutes you have a finished car side mirror replacement, it will look exactly like it did when you bought the car, guaranteed. You will not pay until you are satisfied with the end result, after which we would love to hear your feedback on how we can improve the fixing experience. We care about safety, especially while driving. We are here for you.

We have been in the side mirror business for many years now and have replaced more than 3,000 cars side mirrors. We have the right tools that make side mirror glass replacement a breeze. In quick few steps we will remove the broken mirror and fix the side mirror right in your house driveway/ garage/ parking lot while you relax so you do not have to worry about anything at all.


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