In need of new auto parts due to damage caused by a collision with a neighboring vehicle? You might need to replace the side mirror, but you want to do so in the most stress-free way possible, right? Car Side Mirrors is eager to be of assistance to you. Switching out a side mirror if it breaks or gets scratched is not too difficult. However, the mirror fastener is located in the door of some automobiles. Thus removal of the mirror will need some disassembling.


Let’s go over the simple steps you need to take to get brand-new replacement side view mirrors installed on your vehicle.

The price that is paid for a side mirror

It varies from make to make how much it costs to replace the side mirrors. Although it is expected that more premium automobiles would carry a higher price tag, here at Car Side Mirrors, we provide a selection of parts that are significantly less taxing on the wallet.

There is a pricing range for side glass available here, which varies according to the brand and model of the vehicle. If the installation calls for intricate assembly, we can install the new mirrors on our own. We even cover heated side mirrors.

Tools that are required to replace a side mirror

It’s possible that you can install your side mirrors on your own, depending on the type. In contrast to an engine, the inappropriate placement of something in a car won’t harm the vehicle’s overall health. To successfully complete a replacement, you will require the following tools:

  1. Eye protection devices
  2. Screwdrivers
  3. A ratchet equipped with sockets and a wrench of the appropriate sizes

You must review the owner’s manual for the vehicle to determine whether or not there are any particular instructions.

The action of taking off the side mirror

  1. Lower the window all the way.
  2. Remove the small component in the shape of a triangle in front of the mirror on the internal door (the upper trim finish). Due to this action, the panel will now be freed from the retainer clips.
  3. Take off the foam cushion or the sound insulator for the rearview mirror.
  4. Take the electrical connector off the mirror and disconnect it.
  5. Take off the fasteners that are holding the mirror in place.
  6. At long last, remove the mirror from the door by first pushing it away from the frame.

Place the side mirror in its holder.

Check that the new mirror design is compatible with the old one. Installing the new mirror on the door is the next step. To reinstall the mirror, screw the mounting bolts back into place. Check to see if they are comfortable but not too tight. Make sure the electrical connector is properly connected. Put the foam cushion or the sound insulator for the rearview mirror in place. Install the panel for the upper trim finish again.

Doing what is convenient for you

Although removing and installing a replacement side mirror may not provide any challenges, the subsequent programming of the switches may be a challenge to deal with. To illustrate, the power function of the side mirror might not work if the programming of the side mirror isn’t done correctly, which may result to the power function being turned off.

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