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Car Side Mirrors

We’ve got you covered!! and we mean it.

Fixing side mirrors is expensive, time consuming and unreliable.  Car owner’ worst fear is breaking one side mirror part as they usually have to pay the price of two side mirrors instead of fixing the one single broken part. Imagine having to pay for two side mirrors after breaking only the mirror on the left hand side? We fix this by being able to pay attention to what exactly needs fixing and not burdening car owners with unnecessary fixing costs. We fix any single component of a side mirror; from the case, to the mirror, to the reflector, motor and wiring. We do in house calls making us the most efficient repairmen when it comes to getting your side-mirror fixed wherever you are.

We come to you
Home or office visits. We come to where it is convenient for you.
Makes and models
We are equipped with quality spare parts from delerships and suppliers to fit most repairs we handle.

Payment is discounted
You can’t put a price on convenience.
Well trained Staff
We have efficient and polished staff who work tirelessly to make sure your needs are sorted.

Once repair is done to your satisfaction, you can pay.

Service Delivery
We come to you.